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Peruvian Cuisine

The food of Peru is one of the great secrets of the world, but we're doing our part to change that.  Every month, we present a new recipe.  Do you have one to contribute?  Please send it to info@houseofperu.org.  Maybe we'll feature YOUR recipe next month!

One item you'll find on every Peruvian menu, and very popular at all House of Peru events, is Papa a la Huancaina.  A simple dish, served cold, it goes well with almost everything.

Papa a la Huancaina
(Potatoes with Cheese Sauce)

1/2lb Queso Fresco (Mexican cheese)
4 Eggs - boiled, yolks seperated, whites chopped
1/2cup Milk
Juice of 1 Lemon  (approximately 1/4cup)
1/2cup Vegetable Oil
2lb Medium-sized Potatoes, boiled, peeled, halved
Chopped Parsely
Salt & Pepper
Lettuce leaves  (for presentation)
Olives  (for garnish)

Combine egg yolks, cheese, milk, lemon juice and oil in a blender.  Blend until your sauce has a medium consistency.  It should pour well, but not be too light or foamy.

On a serving tray or platter, arrange the lettuce leaves.  Place the potatoes on the lettuce, and pour the sauce over the top.  Garnish with olives, chopped egg whites and parsely.  For a little heat, add some aji verde or Peruvian yellow chili sauce to taste.

Enjoy!  (serves 6-8)

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