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About the House of Peru

Mission Statement
To share our culture with the community at large.

To build a physical site – a cottage - where to promote, nurture, display and enjoy our culture among the International Cottages in Balboa Park.

To this end, the House of Peru will provide the community with free Peruvian dance, culinary, film, video and editing lessons, as well as art, drawing, Spanish language and Peruvian history classes. The House of Peru will also organize arts and crafts exhibits, conferences, museum tours, social events, Independence Day celebrations, and will provide information on family law, women's issues, medical benefits, health education and basic immigration matters.

The House of Peru is a non-profit organization 501(C)3. This is the first Peruvian cultural house outside of Peru, and it has been added to the 31 houses of different countries registered with the "House of Pacific Relations," also known as "International Cottages, Inc." We hope to build our cottage in the area dedicated to the cultural houses in the beautiful Balboa Park, which also houses important museums and is the cultural center of San Diego.

The House of Peru has formed several committees to help in its mission to raise the awareness level of Peruvian culture in the community at large. If you’d like to participate on any of them, please contact that committee's director. See list below.


Sun God - photo: M. Torero
Board of Directors

George Novinger

Eliana Lau

Sergeant at Arms
Marlene B. Sanchez

Past - Presidents
Haydee Milliren
Job Alvarez
Carlos Miñano
Gladys F. Jones

Gladys F. Jones



    The paperwork, due process, and organization of any Peruvian exhibit.
    Director: Mario Torero

Balboa Park Compliance
    To ensure compliance with all the rules and regulations of the House of Pacific Relations that governs all the International Cottages and serves as a link to the City of San Diego. Requirements include programs such as the Queens Organization, Lawn programs and Ladies Auxiliaries, as well as attendance at monthly meetings.
    Director: Gladys F. Jones

Culinary Arts
    Organization of cooking for the events of the House of Perú, delighting with Peruvian meals.
    Director: Marlene B. Sanchez, Edie Miñano, Elvira Villalobos, Nelson Gamio
    Coordinates all events like “Food Fair”, Fiestas Patrias, Lawn Program, December Nights and galas to network, socialize and get to know our members, while enjoying Peruvian food, drinks, music, dances, and arts and crafts.
    Director: Job Alvarez

Film & Video Editing/Photography
    Professional classes are being offered by Mr. Ed Sweed in the art of film editing. The House of Perú sponsors these classes and provides the equipment to anyone interested in learning film editing while also helping to promote the House of Perú by way of promotional videos.
    Directors: Tim Star, Mario Vargas

    Responsible for writing grants and requesting donations from a variety of institutions to help us build the Cottage of Perú in Balboa Park, as well as organizing fundraising events, such as golf tournaments, parties, car wash, etc.
    Directors: Carlos Talavera, Nicholas Tousseau

Graphics & Web Design
    Webmaster designer and in charge of incorporating all the information to the website.
    Director: Job Alvarez

Hall of Nations
    Oversees the opening, organization and closing of the Hall of Nations in the monthly meetings, the Sundays & Tuesday Hosting and any other event at the hall of Nations.
    Director: Elvira Villalobos

Lawn Program
    In charge of the organization of the yearly event “Lawn Program”
    Director: Pedro Alarico

Long Range
    Will be coordinating with the City of San Diego to ensure we comply with the rules and regulations in the building of our cottage in Balboa Park.
    Director: Mark Morrison

Masters of Ceremonies

    Directors: Walter Meneses, Igor Loza

    Will send the events info to the press.
    Director: Diego Lecca

    Focus is on communicating with members to keep them informed of House of Perú events and all news relating to the association, as well as recruiting new members.
    Directors: Katty Arellano, Julissa S. Holland, Nicholas Tousseau

Music/Peruvian Dances
    Teaching and organizing Peruvian Folkloric music and dances for all events.
    Directors: Gayle Miñano, Jessidra Villalobos, Mario Vargas

Peruvian Independence Day: NOCHE DEL INCA
    Organizing the celebration of our Independence annually.
    Directors: Gladys F. Jones, Stephanie Ward
Public Relations
    Promote the House of Perú, coordinating the advertising of the House of Perú in magazines, newspapers and on the radio, as well as focusing on the image and working with community outreach.
    Director: Marilyn Alvarez, Oscar Urteaga, Joseph R. Jones

Queens Organization
    Membership in the Queens Organization is a requirement from the House of Pacific Relations. The House of Perú yearly elects one (1) Queen and six (6) Princesses to represent our dances and folkloric costumes at several events. Ms. Jessidra Villalobos is the Queen for the year 2010-11.
    Director: Jessidra Villalobos

Remedios Naturales
    Natural Remedies is a Peruvian Non Profit Corporation located in Trujillo, Peru. Under the direction of Dr. Douglas Sharon, Natural Remedies is categorizing, Identifying and Patenting (in Peru) plants that have proven medicinal qualities. This is been done to preserve the rights to this plants for the future benefit of the people of Peru. As part of our contribution to the people of Peru we have made Natural Remedies a part of the House of Peru enabling Natural Remedies to solicit funds to carry on their research projects.
    Directors: Douglas Sharon, Gladys F. Jones

Sister Cities
    Due process to create a Sister City Peru-San Diego.
    Director: Gilberto Dominguez
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